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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unfortunately I only had one day in Los Angeles

I walked around Venice and South Santa Monica in the early morning shooting photos
 Bum Camp

 Obama is a Cholo

Dude is taking everything but the kitchen sink to the beach

 Why sleep on the couch, when you can sleep on one cusion?

Then I went for lunch at Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica.
I recomend 'The Godmother'
This is not my picture, nor does it do this sandwich justice. Eat it. Trust me.

After Lunch I was feeling a bit reckless

Went to check out Melrose since it had been a while and Melrose tends to have a lot of graffiti and cool murals
 Hour Abno Tunks

AL Haeler


Melrose Cops 

 Soup Mkue

 Hour Jones

Abno, Slick and Aus?

 Street Art

Street Art

Who did These letters? I saw others around LA too. Neckface

Wont you join us?

I'll post the legals I spotted around LA in my next post..

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  1. that single type letter looks like 'eine'